Business Occupations

 Article 1. Solicitors

 Section 4-1. Registration: permit.

All solicitors who solicit business or residential in the City limits of the City of White Deer, Texas, shall be required to register first with the City Office furnishing the City Office with the solicitor’s name, address, and business, and also the name and address of the firm or corporation which he represents. The City Marshal shall perform a background check of the individual seeking the permit and upon approval of the background check, at the discretion of the City Marshal, a permit may be issued. A fee listed on the official fee schedule per person and a deposit listed on the official fee schedule shall be charged, with the deposit being refundable if done so within (48) hours from the time the permit is issued. Otherwise the deposit will be forfeited. Soliciting hours will be from 8:00 am through 6:00 pm. The permit will remain in effect for the calendar year in which it was issued. Exemptions to this fee are City of White Deer organizations and White Deer Independent School District organizations.


Section 4-2. Penalty

The failure to comply with the terms of this article by any person, persons or company is a Class C misdemeanor offense and each day that such failure or refusal is continued is a separate offense. Upon conviction of such offense, the person, persons or company so convicted shall be fined an amount not to exceed the maximum amounts as established by State Law.